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A sister in the Lord had written a beautiful poem in regards of "Christians in the Work Place".  When we hear the word "Workplace" many things come to mind, such as stress, exhaustion, frustration, enjoyment (depends on your environment at the time) and anger. This poem is a reminder of who we need to represent at all times no matter the situation and let God be God above all.  Enjoy !

"Christians in the Workplace"

 I place a watch before my lips
When my manager's pride takes place
Because of this she thinks I'm weak
Not realizing I'm demonstrating God's grace
With her position she tries to instill
fear deep within my soul
I never receive it, and she can't believe it
With my silence I tell her God is in control
Any mistake that I make
She throws it hard in my face
I look up to the Lord
And He just says continue to show my grace
The constant smart remarks I receive
As well as the unfriendly stares
I can only hear the Lord say
Don't worry I am here
I receive threats of no raise
Promotions she wouldn't dare
Now I'm getting ready to pray
That God moves her out of here
My flesh starts to rise
As I feel fire in my eyes
The Lord says wait, for this battle is mines
My child, hold your peace
And continue to be meek
If she knew the power you have in Me
She would repent at my feet
You see, you're my anointed
And the devil clearly sees
He wants to provoke you to sin
To sin willfully against me
Let not your wrath display this day
Trust in Me and I'll repay
Anyone who comes up against thee
Against them, my sword shall be
You see I promote and demote
And I determine who gets a pay increase
If you work faithfully unto Me
I'll raise you above your enemy
So do not fear what man think they can do
For you serve Me
And I cover you...........

By: Sis. K.C

Here are reference scriptures that will enable you to arm yourself in the workplace.

Psalm 141:3-4
Roman 12:19-21
Matt 5:43-45
Roman 8:31
Roman 1:17
Ephesians 4:26-27, 29-32

P.S Here is one of my favorite scripture Ephesians 6:10-18 "The Whole Armour of God".  Be encourage!!!

The women of J.N.A.C meet once a month for fellowship. Please check church calendar for dates and times. The women also meet every Thursday 7pm for prayer. Monday night at 7pm Women Bible Study.


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